Questions about Newburg

Welcome! We hope that on your first visit to Newburg United Methodist Church, you feel a sense of belonging and purpose from God.


What should I wear?
Folks at Newburg Church wear everything from jeans to khakis to dresses or suits. You are welcome to come and worship God as you feel comfortable. 


Where is parking?
Our main parking lots wrap around our building, and on Sunday mornings people park in any of the lots. To get direct access to the Sanctuary/Worship space, park on the Sanctuary side of the building (East Entrance). 


Designated spaces especially for visitors are available near the sanctuary entrance. Parking for those with limited mobility are directly near the sanctuary entrance, and Gutherie Social Hall entrance.

What does "Recognizing Christ in All" mean?

At Newburg Church, we often say that we strive to recognize Christ in all people. This is part of our pledge to welcome all persons, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, citizenship, language, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic condition, physical or mental ability, or any other status or condition.


Where do I go for information when I'm there?

Have questions? Need information? There is a welcome center at the heart of our church and can be seen from all entrances. Please stop by to ask any questions you may have. Staffed by a friendly and knowledgeable church member, this is the place to find brochures about Methodism or information about church programs and activities. If the greeter doesn’t know the answer, he or she will certainly know where to find it.


What will happen when I show up at Newburg Church?
You will be greeted again as you enter the sanctuary. An usher will provide you with a bulletin, which will guide you through the service. You will hear an announcement about our Welcome Center and an invitation to receive a special gift for first-time visitors. We invite you to take that invitation seriously and stop by to pick up a a gift along with other information about our church.


What Happens After Church?
Many things! Newburg is a busy and happening place, not just on Sunday mornings. Directly after worship at 9:15am, there is a period of ConneXions (which is like coffee hour. Beyond Sunday, you will be amazed at the diversity of activities you will find each week.



For more information, please contact Rev. Rodney Gasaway, Deacon & Adult Education, Program & Outreach

Worship Schedule
Worship | 9:15 AM & 11 AM
ConneXions | 10 AM
36500 Ann Arbor Trail
Livonia, MI 48150
9am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm
(summer hours 9 am - 1 pm)
Newburg United Methodist Church
36500 Ann Arbor Trail
Livonia, MI 48150
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 AM-12 PM (closed 12pm-1pm) 1 PM - 4PM
Summer Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 1 PM 
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