Newburg's Rich History

Serving the community since 1834!


The first record of an established church at Newburgh was in 1834. The church was formally recognized by the Conference and linked with others as part of the Plymouth Circuit. Rev. Marcus Swift was appointed as its pastor. The old Newburg Methodist Church sat on the east side of Newburgh Road, just south of Ann Arbor Trail, across from the present location of Newburgh School. It was one of two churches in Newburgh; the other being of Congregational tradition and located opposite Newburgh Cemetery. The feeling existed that this small settlement could not support two churches, so the Methodist and the Congregational Communities joined, taking the Methodist name and structure, and utilizing the building of the Congregationalists.


In 1915, the church moved down the trail to the corner in the hopes of attracting more worshippers through a location at the crossroads. The church had no parsonage and scant money to build one, but the congregation thrived in difficulty, led by a succession of student preachers from Ann Arbor. Money was raised to build a parsonage. In 1941, the Fellowship Hall was built at its current site. The small congregation doubled during the years of World War II. Four acres from the estate of the late Emma Arnold became available. A parsonage was erected, with sanctuary and educational wing to follow. Services of Consecration were held May 27, 1962. Nine years later, another addition was consecrated to house a rapidly growing congregation. In 1979 a new Fellowship Hall and kitchen were added.


The original church building is at Greenmead, at Eight mile and Newburgh Road. The building was rededicated in August 1984 and serves as a non-denominational church today and is available for weddings or special events. Tours of the building are available.



Complete History:

During Newburg's 175th anniversary year (2009) a comprehensive history was produced. The history document was retrieved that covered the period from the church's inception in 1834 until 1984. A modern update was written covering the past 25 years. For more information, contact Newburg's historian, Janet Newcomer. 


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