Welcoming Statement

Newburg United Methodist Church Statement of Welcome


Newburg United Methodist Church seeks to be a community of faith, healing, hope and hospitality. We are called to recognize Christ in everyone. Our doors are open to welcome and affirm all persons without prejudice relating to age, race, ethnicity, culture, citizenship, language, gender-identity, sexual orientation, marital status, economic condition, physical or mental ability, or any other status or condition.


We believe that God challenges the Christian community to lead by example and to strive to reflect God’s unconditional love. In following the ministry of Jesus Christ, we invite all people to join in the journey of faith toward greater love, acceptance and mutual understanding.


Adopted April 29, 2013

Worship Schedule
Live Stream Worship | 10 AM
36500 Ann Arbor Trail
Livonia, MI 48150
9am - 1pm 

We are better together at Newburg Church!