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#Blacklivesmatter, Love is Love, No Human is Illegal, Science is Real, Feminism is For Everyone, and Jesus is Love. Would you like to purchase one of these signs? Keep scrolling to learn how! 


COST: $15 Payments can be made in cash or check (written out to NUMC) upon pickup of your sign.



As followers of Jesus Christ, NewburgUMC believes in advocating for  justice and standing with the oppressed and marginalized. These signs are one simple step we can take in declaring to people that all are loved; God hears their cries, we all stand together. The church is called to be a witness, to speak boldly, and to open our hearts, minds, and doors to everyone. Jesus lives within us all, calling us to extend His grace, love and peace.


Missed the 'pre-order'? No worries, we bought extra! Missed the extra? No worries! We will surely order more upon demand. Just be sure to let us know by contacting our Director of Communications Ali Belsky, click the 'Request a Sign' button and shoot her an email.

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