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Outreach to church members who are shut-in, hurting, or in need of special support by means of calls, visits, cards, spiritual support, and general connection with the church they love. 


Dr. Frank Dunbar
Minister of Congregational Care

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Visitation Team
Prayer Team
Caring Connections Team

Elder woman and her caretaker


Become a part of the Visitation Team! Visit members of our community who reside in residential care facilities, those who are shut-ins, as well as, those who are in the hospital. It is our goal as the Body of Christ to keep connect with each other in the good times and during times of trouble. If you are interested in joining the team please fill out the form below! 

Devote Woman


At NewburgUMC, a weekly prayer chain emails go out with prayer requests and praises received from our congregation. If you'd like to be a part of the team praying over these requests, go ahead and subscribe today to start receiving our weekly prayer chain emails.


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Our Caring Connections Team is always hard at work to connect with shut-ins and others needing support through writing cards, email, and phone calls. It is our goal our mission to keep those who are shut-in connected to the church. If you are interested in joining our Caring Connections team please fill out the form below!

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