See what's happening at NUMC and join in the FUN!

Lectio Divina // Every Tuesday // 1 PM // ZOOM LINK: CLICK HERE
The class meets in a hybrid format with live participants(Asbury Lounge), safely spread out, and an online Zoom group as well. In that way, both groups, online and on-site, can participate together. The only requirement of the class is to have your Bible with you, or accessible.

Men's Bible Study // Every other Wednesday (February 2 & 16) // 7:30 PM // SKYPE

In “Bad Acts of the Apostles” by John Henson, this study encourages Christians to seek anew the mind of Jesus. Please contact James Frederick (email) for more information and Skype link.  

Women Connecting Through Christ // Thursdays 5 PM & 7 PM
Join us for a time of connection with other women to laugh, share stories, and learn ways to volunteer and spread God's love to yourself and others in 2022! Questions about WCTC connect with Janice Gasaway (email)

Hospitality Week // February 5th-12th

Serve with us as we partner with Cass Community Social Services during the week of Feb 5th-12th. With changes in efforts to serve safely for the health of all, we are excited to share how you will be able to serve. Click here to learn more!