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UMC Market

Are you planning to do some online shopping this holiday season?  A new program developed by the General Council of Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church allows churches to earn commissions from your online purchase at no cost to you or the church (similar to scrip).  

UMCmarket is a shopping portal – first log into UMCmarket, then link to any of the online retailers' websites, and 1-9% of your purchase will be credited to Newburg.  

Registering and shopping are easy:

  1. Go to

  2. Search for “Newburg Livonia”. Click Join!

  3. Browse through the hundreds of stores partnered with the marketplace, stores like, Macy’s, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

  4. Link to the stores’ websites through the UMCmarket site, and every time you make a purchase, the stores will donate a portion of your purchase back to Newburg.

Note: If you ever purchase scrip to use for online purchases, be aware that many partners available through UMCmarket offer better profit percentages through scrip, such as Macy’s (10% with scrip and just 2% through UMCmarket).  However, if you wouldn’t buy scrip to use online or wish to shop at an online store not offered through scrip, UMCmarket presents a great opportunity to easily earn some extra funds for Newburg.

Visit the website or contact Betsy Everett with any questions.  Check out the website and feel even better about that great online deal you find!

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